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Apr 18, 2022
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Hannover, Germany
Hallo to everyone, i think this is a great forum with a lot of knowledge. I already read a lot here, but now i want to become a member of the comunity myself.
I am Philipp from Hannover in Germany and i bought my first japanese kitchen Knife 5 years ago. It was a Watanabe Santoku and Nakiri and since then i love japanese kitchen knives. I was amazed how long it held the sharpness and how good they feelt on the stone. I used the Ai #1000 synthetic stone and the Kitayama and liked it very much. I also tried the Naniwa stone from a friend and have to say they also feel very good. Since i was a bloody beginner with sharpening i was very gentle and never sharpened the bevel too much and after some time the kasumi finish was scratched and i tried to rework it a little with a synthetic Aoto from JNS and some Uchigumori fingerstones. It was a nice experience, too see that the look, that was archievable is very good with some time invested, after the initial concerns the knife could have lost some of its beauty. And to see what finishes you guys arcieve on your knife is just amazing. In the future i want to get into some JNAT polishing and learn sharpening better.