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May 28, 2022
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Hi folks.

I've been lurking here for some time, but finally got around to joining properly.

My background in sharp things is actually straight razors, but in the last year or so I have become interested in improving my free hand knife sharpening game. I've a reasonable collection of natural hones now, for both razors and knives, but I have trouble resisting bits of unusual rock that I haven't tried yet.
Welcome to the forums.

Which part of Oz are you from?

Tell us abit about your natural stones.
Thanks mate. I'm in a town in central Victoria.

As far as hones go, a majority are razor finishers, almost all natural. But lately I've been hoarding various Arkansas and vintage Washita. I also have novaculite from the UK, Lynn Idwall, Charnley, and a couple of Turkey Stones. Lots of slate, welsh, german and some local. Lots of Coticules and BBW... I only have one Jnat currently, a suita. Some sandstone, QC and a Hindostan...

But at the moment for knives I am leaning towards the old Washita. They are new to me because they are not often used for razors, but they work terrifically with a bit of knife pressure. I've now got three, and they are a fun stone to use.
Welcome mate. What razors do you have?
Ah mate, I've got a lot, though not as many as I once did. I've been collecting, buying/selling, honing them for about fifteen years.

I guess for my personal preference I lean towards quarter or half hollow, mid 19th century, and have a bit of a thing for ivory scales. But that's not to say I wont pick up the odd Bengall if I find one in the wild for a good price.