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Apr 4, 2022
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Hi everyone,

I'm new in the world of knife and one could say i'm almost clueless. Let's be honest here: I'm not looking for a knife because i'm cooking a lot. In facts it's pretty much the opposite: I want a knife in order to get more into cooking and have more "fun" doing it (is that idea crazy ?)

I'd like to get my first "real" knife, but i'm not gonna lie, I'm lost between all the existing blacksmiths, brand and everything.

I'm here to look for some advice in order to avoid making a mistake regarding my first knife purchase, and get the best product for a reasonable price.

Looking forward to get some advice

Thanks :)

P.S. English in not my first language, I'm sorry in advance if there's some mistakes.
Welcome. Your English is very good, no problems at all. Find the "Next Knife Questionnaire" and fill it out in a new thread. You'll get plenty of suggestions. Even if you're not sure on all the answers, it wil get you thinking about things and help others make suggestions.

Many of us will encourage you to have a moderate "entry" knife and explore sharpening right up front before diving into more expensive stuff with no sharpening plan. "Entry" doesn't have to mean bad at all. There's some very good performing options out there. It's also quite common for our preferences to evolve as we try different things.
I very much share your impulse. Actually I didn't know that would happen to me, but I have been cooking immensely more since I've entered this rabbit hole. As someone said in a video that I was watching back then, it's the knife that calls you at some point ;-)
You have very good shops in Canada: Knifewear in several locations, Sharp knives shop, Tosho in Toronto,… If you are Québécois, Stay Sharp in Montreal might be a good place to go and handle a few knives to understand better what suits you, they are very nice!
Enjoy the journey!