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Dec 1, 2023
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Hello all,
I'm a culinary student interested in upping my knife skills and knives.
I currently use a Mercer carbon steel chef's knife, have some Henkels and I sharpen on a Tormek whetstone wheel.
I'm interested in moving to Japanese knives and researching, am somewhat confused around asymmetrical 70/30 convex edges and how I would sharpen those on wheel.
Doing so on whetstones by hand seems doable but I need to learn a lot more.
I'm trying to figure out what knife to get that will last me years, but that I can actually sharpen properly!

I would encourage you to learn free hand sharpening and invest in a few key sharpening items before pursuing a new knife. Functional edges are not that hard to achieve. You can do it and there is a lot of help available. Search the forum and you'll find a lot of thread and discussions around new sharpeners. And never hesitate to ask for help. Don't stress asymmetrical edges. The primary grind (sides of the knife) is different but edges are no biggy. Remember those numbers are ratios and not angles. At 70/30 I just often go 50/50.

Also, look in the stickies and you'll find a new knife questionnaire. That is super helpful for you to focus on some key aspects and for others to give good recommendations. Copy and post up a new thread.