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Withdrawn Hi-Jacked Pack: Sukenari AS, Yoshikane SKD, S. Tanaka Ginsan, Arashiyama, Kitayama & Bonus + Noob extra

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Just shutup n' grabbit!
Oct 16, 2019
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Widely recognized makers/series and an array of knives that makes sense to get anybody on par with J knives and/or knife skills, and have a clearer idea of their preferences while packing easily excellent performance – and good rep stones to keep them sharp as well.


625$ USD shipped/insured Canada/ConUS.

Pictures used here are not flattering: I went for explicitly crude ones for sakes of honesty. Links to more “glamorous” pictures along the way.

Sukenari Migaki 225mm Gyuto

215/47 +/- 190g slight forward balance. Aogami Super (65 RC) stainless clad. “Stealth” refinished KNS Ebony – meaning in essence that I made it more textured and nuanced instead of dark, slick and shiny.


From KNS Australia. Maintenance thinning once, rather concise operation but basic working finish so nothing seamless. Yet the core was almost mirror polished, and spine and choil were smoothed as well. Sharpened about four times overall – it’s been with me for well over a year. It’s a solid, efficient and natural knife in use. Has some heft to it with the Ebony there, for a strong yet rather airy feel in hand.


Here’s a post showing the knife a bit, right after the mainteance work done, for sakes of authenticity.

Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

I’ve found a few more telling pictures on my cell as well – see further below.

Yoshikane Nashiji 165mm Bunka

167/51 +/- 145g slight forward balance. SKD-12 stainless clad. The Teak/Buffalo is really super nice in hand, resistant to water and juices, with a righteous balance of the blade.


From Cook Store. Some slight scuffing on the left side from lending it for a couple weeks to a friend– or at least I noticed it afterwards but I guess it could be me. Doesn’t ruin its routine good looks so noticeably; otherwise in pristine shape I believe. Sharpened once.


Never took much of any more glamorous pictures of this one, BUT scrolling my archive for the Sukenari work, I did stumble upon one that pretty much says it all… think it was right after sharpening it.


Has been my favorite Yoshikane so far for exactly the kind of preps above. So ridiculously good for finer tip work, precision work, and easiness disposing of various produces quite neatly.

S. Tanaka Nashiji 150mm Petty

157/34 +/- 80g neutral balance. Ginsan core, obviously SS Clad.


From Cook Store. Lightly sharpened once but otherwise pretty much BNIB. Everything “as is”, and as they come this one was nicely sharp and the handle is a masterpiece of Wenge/Buffalo – which to me is a better lot than the typical Walnut handle that’s quite terrible.

The Nashiji and beveling are not perfect, but the grind is excellent and a quite devilish cutter. Quite thin BTE but solid, and a healthy 2.7mm thick spine over the heel tapering to 0.7mm at 10mm to tip. Superb work. S. Tanaka 150mm petty in Ginsan is like a rare thing, relatively speaking, to see available. I hunted a long time before finally securing one. His petty profile and extra width are something uniquely spot on among Japanese petties that are often very narrow (29mm or less) for this length. I hadn’t a mind to sell it at all, but in these circumstances and with the fact that I don’t use it very often, automatically reaching for the well maintained junk ones in my knife block, I thought it fitted this sale perfectly, and it really should be the kind of knife having a central place in a home: one you will like and use, one the gf/wife will enjoy also, and one kids can learn some skills with, as well.

Best to link my original review – no worries it’s nearly all pics and mostly “wordless”, but do take a serious look at it for the knife’s absolute excellence:

Wordless Review: S. Tanaka Ginsan Petty 150mm

Furthermore, widely recognized stones - and a nice starting kit.


Imanishi Arashiyama 1K – about 90% left to its Health Bar and looking good.

Imanishi Kitayama 8K – dropped once on cement floor. Mostly superficial damage on a couple corners, except the chunk where it took most of the hit – on the other side than the one I was using, thanks God for small favors. None of it problematic to getting full use of it – otherwise no one would like J-Nats… :p Even counting the damage purely as material, I’d still guess close to 85% left to its Health Bar – in use it’ll rather be over 90%.

I’m throwing my old but still effective Atoma 140 into this as a Bonus – well this kit needed a widely recognized flattening stone as well!


625$ USD shipped/insured Canada/ConUS.

For a limited time, a special crazy exchange rate offer: 590$ USD.

Additional rebate for pristine Noob buyers (there needs to be something more to warrant the title) or fellow Canadians (since fewer costs involved in the transaction).

As always with a Noob sticker/offer I’m not trying to be diminutive. It’s just a way to say that I WILL prioritize, to the best extent of fairness to all as well as not wasting my time, members that are to the best of my knowledge newer to KKF/knives/sharpening overall, and might benefit more from the offer to get at an entirely different level. And that there'll be an extra rebate as well.

SS-clad construction on the easiest side of maintenance, core steels on the easier side of sharpening, the specifics at hand rather generally praised for their blend of straightforward sharpening to relatively enhanced wear resistance. They're also rather nicely an array of Carbon, Low-Alloy, and refined SS steels to get your bearings right about pretty much anything the Japan/Western Custom market could send your way except PM steels.

Be well folks!
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Nice add-on offer…


If, and only if, you’re willing to use PP F&F for the whole transaction (or other means of direct), I’ll throw in this K. Tanaka (Matsubara) for only 140$ USD.

For a limited time, crazy exchange rate gets this one down to: 130$ USD

K. Tanaka Tsuchime 165mm Nakiri

165/59 +/- 175g frank forward balance, Aogami #2 SS Clad. Handle is a nice and rather unseen monopiece Wenge. It’s quite a particular knife, combining height with a tangible heft and a 3.1mm spine over heel to a rather laser grind and pretty thin nose area. Performance with this one is quite amazing, but experience of it is really quite the better catch yet.


From Sharp Knife Shop, sharpened once. Link to the review:

Tall Tale Review: K. Tanaka Tsuchime Nakiri (Matsubara)

Making it 765$ USD for the whole lot shipped/insured Canada/ConUS… PP F&F or direct. Limited time - 720$ USD

Additional rebate for pristine Noob buyers or fellow Canadians are still a thing here.

The main offer doesn’t require PP F&F, so still KKF legit. You take the add-on or leave it.
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Then more of the main knives and stones:

Both sides of the main knives...

A bit more on the Kitayama damage...

And on the old Atoma wear...
GLWS! Personally, I'd drop "Noob Sale" from the title—all good knives you got there, not just for new collectors/cooks.
+1! Phil is a fantastic seller and fellow knife enthusiasts. I received a knife from him in perfect condition. Phil is very thorough in his process, which gives you peace of mind that you knife will be taken care of. Be fair with him and he'll be fair with you.
Thanks guys I'm really thrilled that you're happy with what you've got... and of course I appreciate the praise for this WTS.

I really do think it's one of the best package I ever made, although @tag98 got the other best for sure. Both incredible value for the money.
This is perfect starter bundle!! the atoma 140 makes it all worth it. unfortunately i have more than enough knives to last my family generations
Not if they don't all know their ways into sharpening,which is also what this is all about. :p

Just joking, thanks for the positive vibe - and I concur, the Atoma wraps this bundle just so nicely.

Or from a quick calculation, a free S. Tanaka petty as well and two stones 90% effective for about 66% their market price range.
Not if they don't all know their ways into sharpening,which is also what this is all about. :p

Just joking, thanks for the positive vibe - and I concur, the Atoma wraps this bundle just so nicely.

Or from a quick calculation, a free S. Tanaka petty as well and two stones 90% effective for about 66% their market price range.
i definitely agree, i didnt want to invest in an atoma when i first started , until i realise my sharpening is ****( (my cerax went full concave) and i have to get one anyway. definitely expensive, but it does carries its weight very well. especially when moving onto jnats as well
While the exchange towards US money is going crazy, I'm throwing in a 5% additional rebate = rounding it up to 590$ USD.

The add-on gets an additional 5% rebate as well, rounding it up to 130$ - restriction still applies.

Additional rebate for pristine Noob buyers or fellow Canadians are nevertheless a thing!

So now get the whole thing for 720$ USD PP F&F or any acceptable direct method.

PM me for validation - this is an exchange rate adjustment, and albeit a generous one, it's not an all time rebate.
Hit me in PM maybe we can see to an arrangement.
Bump... getting bored with it.

650$ USD for the whole lot - Paypal BS - shipped/insured Canada/ConUS