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paper boy

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Dec 1, 2020
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London, UK
Hi world!

Have been a happy lurker for a few years, thanks for all the advice!

I wanted to finally buy a stone and I realised I've forgotten the make of my knife 😮 this baby has seen me through a few years of jobs and running popups, and I think I have the box somewhere in my parent's attic but that's no use to me now!

The London 'japanese knife co' said the core of this was blue powder steel, which is hard to find any trace of. Blue paper steel? Stainless damascus clad. They said the core was the highest grade they had in the shop and urged me to take a chef's one without the Damascus cladding but I fell too in love with the look and the whippy balance.

Can anyone identify this? Profile and signature shots:

Huge thanks for any help!