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Withdrawn HSC/// AEB-L Gyuto 225mm (Custom)

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Oct 16, 2019
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226/52 about 180 grams – HSC bog oak octagonal.

I’ll spare you the orchestra detailing, but it’s not the first time I consider selling this one, yet always decided against it because I love it. However I’m not using it much. Not a natural length for me to reach for unless looking for a beater for lots of produces. And mind you, though as it is, the HSC can do beater alright, but it’s a bit of a shame to consider it strictly for such tasks a Victo 10” can also do where I stand. An expensive shame at it too and I need the money to sort a few non-knives things out.

Now pedigree: thinned once and sharpened a few. My refinish after thinning wasn’t perfect. And then some blade guard threw some slight pitting there on both sides that I made sure to control, but would need further work to be erased. Since it could use some love in the finish department anyway, I guess one will go into the other.


Monosteel AEB-L HT’ed to 62RC. Easy to sharpen, but feels a bit harder than many a softer iterations of such steels. Harbeer bought some thicker AEB-L stock for me, so this one is 2.9 mm thick at heel – with a spine and choil superbly rounded and smoothed and the choil polished to mirror. Great tapering of the spine, as well as throughout the grind. OOTB 0.7mm at the10mm behind tip point IIRC.


More there:

A Custom Maker Review: HSC///


One thing Harbeer caught with righteously as well is the special heel/choil design. Comfortable and nimble in any grip with the perfect balance point. Hammer pinch it, straight pinch it, choke it, the choil finger always finds an adequate and highly comfortable spot, and the heel is not behind a regular pinch point but right under it (and the balance frankly in front of that), so the choil finger is about the perfect gage of where heel ends and tip work feels very precise. It translates into a very natural blade to use. Probably why I kept it so long even where I never used it nearly as much as it should. That and being a glorified carrots laser.



Right side kept with as much convex it could, and additional convexing at the edge imparted there as well. It compares well with a Sukenari grind, yet thinner as it’ll come to you than all Sukenaris I’ve tried or seen the choils in original state. And real tough at it. Can take an acute edge. Has a pretty acute one as it is. Sharpened around 70/30. Decently sharp in its present state.


Paid 650$ CAD. Asking 575$ CAD shipped/insured Canada/ConUS.

Translates into approx. 475$ USD using Paypal at the time of this publication. Will be verified before any final agreement with a screenshot of Paypal currency calculator.

International just ask, IME a few places are possible for little extra shipping expense I’d ask you to cover for.

Can be combined with my Sukenari BST for 20$ CAD rebate per head = 40$ = aaaah let's make it a round 850$ CAD for both.

Thanks for your attention and be well folks!
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Forgot to add: Harbeer doesn't have a box usually for his knives though surely you can arrange something with him if you're considering a direct purchase and really want a box. He sent this one to me well-wrapped, and I'll do just the same for you.
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