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WTS Hunter Valley Blades 250 mm Suminagashi Gyuto

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Jun 13, 2019
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Los Angeles
Hello everyone.
I am listing this for sale/trade, so I am open to offers. Trade or sale value at $560. I paid $560 plus shipping for this.
Beautiful gyuto by Mert with an amazing bocote handle and AfricanBlackwood ferrule.
I love this line of gyutos and have used a 52100 HVB gyuto as one of my daily drivers for the past 3 years.
If this was heavier and taller throughout the length of the blade it would stay with me forever.
Dimensions as follows:

Blade length: 250 mm
Blade height at heel: 53 mm
Thickness of spine at heel: 3.6 mm
Thickness at middle of spine: 1.9 mm
Thickness of spine 1 mm from tip: 0.8 mm
Weight: 225 g

Here is the link to the Insta post with photos and relevant info.
I will be posting my own photos tomorrow in better lighting.

I believe Mert Tansu created this line to have more affordable daily drivers for working chefs/cooks.

He does seem to love IG auctions - gratz to OP for winning this one and GLWS.
Now I know! And I am indeed a working Chef so I will be paying attention to these from now on… just talked to Mert. Seems like a super nice guy as well.