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Gotta get ready for ARM
Apr 20, 2020
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I pm’ed a few, but figured I might as well do it publicly. If any member in “good standing”(let’s say you qualify for BST as good standing, subject to my whim) wants to try it out, I’ll be glad to send it out. Maybe even turn this into a passaround if interest merits that.

I’d say I’m newer to hands on learning that I should be, due to difficulty dedicating time. So if others who want to try this bad boy out want to play around, it’s a win/win to me.
I would be interested. Like Skylar I have one example and it is not typical, at least in appearance. I have heard of how great some of them are as razor finishers and others say none they have tried were fine enough. Very curious but hesitant to jump back into them.
Sadly I live on the wrong continent - otherwise I'd be in right away (if I meet the criteria).

So I can only wish you a lot of fun and say that it is a nice idea.