Is there a difference between a 210mm petty and a 210mm sujihiki?

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Mar 1, 2011
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Since JKI received a few 210mm Konosuke HD wa-pettys I've gotten interested in getting one. The only problem is my knife funds have run out. That doesn't keep me from researching and I ran across some 210mm sujis that in the pictures, seem to have the same or very similar blade profile as the petty. JKI even includes the Kono HD petty in the search results when looking for sujihikis.

So, is a petty and a sujihiki of the same length twins?
Considering sujihikis in the same brand/line get shorter in blade height from 300--270--240, I would imagine a 210 suji the same height as a petty of the same pretty much identical blades. To my knowledge, you see a maker/brand naming it a suji or petty...never both.

I love my 210 Suisin petty, but it doesn't have the knuckle clearance of a 240 sujihiki, so just keep that in mind. And it is really, REALLY light (~65g)
Some makers sujis (Carter and Moritaka come to mind) are more of a double beveled yanagi. Carter even calls his a yanagi. In those cases, yes, there would be a significant difference between a suiji and a petty at 210. In other cases makers tend to make their pettys just a small gyuto in profile, and there would also be a difference between a 210 petty and 210 suji. However, I think most makers petty's are really the same profile as their suji's, just scaled down - Konosuke and Tadatsuna are examples, I think. From what I've seen, greater than 50% of the time, a 210 suji and a 210 petty are about the same knife.