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SOLD JJT 258mm Gyuto TNT666

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Jan 12, 2021
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Hong Kong
Hi Everyone,

I got a custom knife from Jean Jose Tritz in August / September 2022. Turns out the knife is not used as the size is too redundant in my collection. I used the knife for one meal (2-3 vegetables), never stropped or sharpened. Has minor patina in the middle part, which I can remove upon request.

258 mm x 62 mm


Comes with custom made saya matching the handle -- made from maple which JJT treated himself to get a sunburst pattern (pretty much identical to flamed maple tops on Les Paul Guitars). The saya is really gorgeous, I tried to capture the light's reflection in my pics below.

The spine tapers strongly from 7mm to 1 in front of the tip. JJT calls this his "Eiffel-tower taper" as it has some concavity in it. Strong tapering towards the edge such that the knife has a really thin edge, despite its strong spine. Awesome profile, excellent cutter.

Asking 750 USD shipped.

Pics (from JJT's IG):

My own pics: