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SOLD Jnat, finisher, unknown mine

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Sep 17, 2020
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I want to sell this stone : Japanese Natural Stone, unknown mine.
Color is dark yellow / green. It is a mid hard/hard stone, very fine grit. Few lines on the surface but armless.
Size is : 210x74x36mm for the stone only, weight with the dai (wood) : 1530 grams
I am asking 270 euros (payment with Paypal good & service) for it, shipping out but can ship anywhere.

For polishing the stone will give you a very fine finish, contrasty if you use slurry or lighter color with more details exposed used with water.It is harder than average and you will need to work gently on it if you don't want to grab the iron, like most hard finisher.
For sharpening, it is pretty abrasive and fine, about 8k or 10k, but nice bite on the edge I thought.
Here is a video on youtube about the stone so you can see the finish :
Here are pictures :

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