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SOLD Kamon 264 gyuto massdrop

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I used to work in a Mexican restaurant
Jan 1, 2018
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Selling because, I need some cash. I am working on something to solve the cash issue. If I figure it out, there is a good chance I will withdraw it. Cost is 1k that covers what I paid, PayPal fees and CONUS shipping. Used a little bit mostly test cuts. Cut a bunch of onions one day, maybe cooked a meal. Mostly, been chilling in my drawer, unfortunately. There is some patina on it.


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Damn! Someone got in before me, congrats to the buyer folks are lightning fast round here.
I was gonna say good luck with your cash flow situation, but then again things must not be too dire since you aren't getting rid of a cleaver ;) :p
Lol, yeah one of those was real close to going up. They all got a hard look, but I opted for the gyuto for a couple of reasons, one being the gyutos are chilling in the drawer. But, yuck, I wanted to hold onto this one, for realz.