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SOLD Kato KU 240mm Gyuto Morihei

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Aug 1, 2020
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Philadelphia, PA
Hey KKF!

Let me start with saying I’m not stoked to let this one go. What I have for sale today is a Kato 240mm KU Gyuto Morihei edition. This knife is NIB with one slight blemish on the bevel where I used flitz do get out a (water mark?) whatever it is it came out just fine but now the Kasumi on the right face needs a little touch up. The price will reflect that as I know how people are with these pieces.. myself included. Comes with original tan box. This specific example has great KU coverage and a beautiful marbled horn ferrule.

Here’s the original link to the post where I bought it from another member:

WTS - A Few Amazing Pieces from my Kato Collection & Shig Collection ALL BNIB!!!!

weight - 217g
length of blade from heel to tip - 230mm
width above heel - 5.35mm

Looking to get $1450 shipped CONUS. Extremely motivated to sell. International buyers send me a message and maybe we can figure something out. Thanks!

I miss mine. Had I not just purchased a car I'd pick this up.

Seller is also a great guy. (hope your shig kitaeji is treating you well, @Currantly )
Wasn't long ago you couldn't touch this knife for that price.....
Honestly I got it for pretty close to this price.. minus a little for the “blemish”.

It was a year and a half ago, but like you said not too long ago... I really do love this knives and it’s gonna hurt when I go to buy another one in half a year😂