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SOLD Keijiro Doi kengata yanagiba 300mm

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Dec 15, 2017
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I bought this awhile back. It’s definitely used and come to me with some issue - surface rust, bent, poorly sharpened, etc. I’ve fixed everything I can and brought it back to good working order and gave it a Kasumi finish.

The blade is iron clad aogami 2. The steel is exactly what you’d expect and what he’s famous for - very refined and a joy to sharpen. Iron has very subtle banding as well. Full stone finish on both hira and kireha. Will be very easy to sharpen and maintain over time as there are a absolutely no low-spots left. I have a double horn and ebony handle (horn has a crack) I can include if you’d like.

287mm heel to tip
38mm y’all at the heel
217g blade only

Couple of things to note… there is some pitting in the ura and at the heel on the edge. I polished these out best I could. The heel still has a chip from the pitting I didn’t think worthwhile to sharpen out. I think it will be many, many years of consistent use before additional pitting in the ura could cause a problem, but it is there. The ura is actually quite healthy for a knife that was used and sharpened poorly, but the finish there is certainly not factory or perfect.

Overall, I think this an excellent chance for someone to get a yanagi from a legendary smith and actually use it without worrying about collector value.

$500 shipped CONUS