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Still Plays With Blocks
Feb 28, 2011
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Just recently delivered this island to a customer. The top is 3" x 22" x 42", a cherry center with walnut border. The base is solid cherry with tapered legs, a bottom shelf, center drawer with full extension slides and a slide-out debris tray on the right side.


Here is the beveled edge which was cut into the end so cut items could be scraped off into the debris tray easily.

Here is the debris tray out to its full extension. The rails which hold it are attached to the underside of the block and allow the tray to be fully removed easily.

Sorry for the poor background. I was going to set up a studio style backdrop and make more suitable photos but ran out of time and the backdrop paper had been damaged in the move.
Someone is going to be really happy and really productive.
David, if I may, go to their house now and take some high quality images of that thing before it gets kitchen rash.

Then, get those pics on your site and/or brochure.

Stunning work!
Very nice piece of work! The use of color and proportion really elevate it!
That is absolutely stunning Dave! Really, just amazing work. That is gonna be one happy customer.
Dude....sooooo nice!

David, my girlfriend loved your board so much that she said when we get our first house together, she wanted to get an island just like this.

Keep up the good work.
I wish I had a big enough kitchen for something like that!!!!!...:rolleyes:
dude, are you serious?! brilliant!

i never thought i'd say this, but that bevel just looks cool
How much to ship that to Australia? :) jk

I just LOVE it!! I gotta get me one of those! I would probably have to sell my car just to pay for the shipping of that beauty to Norway, though. :D

Love that bevel! My work counters do the opposite thing, and it drives me crazy!

You could also do a groove around it that tapers into the debris pan to catch blood, and also keep cleanup less messy. Just a thought.
Man that thing is nice! I really wish I had you make me one back when I had the chance! I love the two toned look too.
I might have to hit you up for one of those next year or the year after when we redo our kitchen...