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SOLD Konosuke FM 240mm White #1

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Aug 1, 2020
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Philadelphia, PA
Hey KKF!

I’m currently having a custom Koji Muro made for me and as a result I need to free up some funds. As a result I have a 240mm White #1 Konosuke FM Gyuto for sale. It’s a great knife and has been my daily driver for the past few months in a professional kitchen. As a result it has a very heavy and stable patina I understand if a buyer would want it to be refreshed and the price will reflect that. Other than that it’s a beast of a knife and will serve a new owner well. I’m looking to get $400 for this one shipped CONUS.


Edge length- 238mm
Blade Height- 49mm
Thickness of blade at the spine- 2.4mm
Weight: 178g

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks.


Has this one been sharpened and/or thinned? 49 mm height from use or sharpening?
Will you ship to Denmark ??? 🤩
It has been a few years but, last time I sent something to Denmark, it sat in a transportation hub run by "TNT Express" for customs imports for 2 1/2 months. Hopefully, things have gotten better since then. We both tracked it into a "black hole" and were waiting for the insurance process to kick in at 3 months when it finally got a tracking hit clearing customs.
Hello everyone!

My apologies to anyone I didn’t get back to. My inbox was a mess by the time I got off from work last night.

This knife has been sold, and it’s going to a great home!
Thanks KKF!