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SOLD Konosuke FM Blue #2 270mm Gyuto

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Feb 28, 2011
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Let's keep the Konosuke parade going. I love this knife (it's my second iteration), take it out of its box to admire it, and put it back. It deserves some use.

Konosuke FM Blue #2 270mm Gyuto. Ebony handle, saya included. BNIB with the oil still on the blade.

Measurements are:

263mm heel to tip
58mm heel height
4.9mm width at choil
2.2mm width one inch from tip
>.3mm at the tip

I'd like to get $750 shipped in the USA. If you're outside of the USA, contact me and perhaps we can work something out.

Kono B2 #1.jpeg

Kono B2 #2.jpeg

Kono B2 #3.jpeg

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Pending and possibly spoken-for, but not yet sold. Happy to hear from backup buyers if there's interest. Thanks to all who proposed trades, but I prefer a sale at this time.
Mannnnn. I own this knife and if I hadn’t just bought an HF I would consider buying another one to add to the Fuji collection. I love it that much.

And to anyone who’s looking at this, these are and will become very very rare. Somebody better scoop this up. They also cut like a SOB!! That beautiful Fujiyama grind but with extra weight/steel behind it?? Doesn’t get better than that.