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Konosuke mioroshi deba, blue 1

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Mar 26, 2011
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One more. This is a 210mm fujiyama series mioroshi deba in Blue#1 steel from Konosuke Sakai. It has a rosewood octagon handle and a nice saya. Got this one more than 2 years ago, and it is a great example of the style. Fit and finish is great, and it's still in good condition. I have used it, and there is patina on the nose end as you can see. It has been lightly touched up, and is sharp.

It feels extremely solid in-hand, and is about 6mm thick on the spine. The only reason I am selling is because I use normal deba more than mioroshi, and I think someone would really like this one.
With these options it would be $400 new without shipping.

$320 shipped CONUS

Right click view to see full size.






You are reducing big time.
Glad I got the Watanabe.
:cry: I was really tempted by your deba the other day and was relieved when it sold before I gave in. The main thing that held me back was that I think I'd like a mioroshi deba better. I've been itching to buy another knife so when the deba sold, I found another deal and jumped on it.
My timing is off. :(
Not sale related, but deba related question. And since you have more deba than Korin, I figured you would be a good person to ask, haha. I have a cheap miroshi deba that I would like to upgrade at some point. I have no problems with the shape, but I was wondering why the taller ones seem to be more popular and why you prefer them?
For me it's probably mental. I use sort of a pinch grip on debas, and there is more clearance between edge and finger with a normal height deba. They are also heavier, and can be hammered through necks more easily with the blade height for me. I think it's a little easier to direct the exact direction of the taller blade too, if that makes sense. Sort of like steering a bike with wide handle bars as opposed to one with the handle bars only 6 inches across.
I get what you are saying. Are you saying you prefer your fixed gear to have wider handle bars? haha.

Do you have any issues with the wide blade not "fitting" into spaces, like when you are trying to separate fillets from bone? I guess I kinda use a mish mash of western and eastern techniques when it comes to things like this, so that's why I prefer the skinnier blade.
The mioroshi certainly works better western style. The normal debas don't really have a problem fitting, since they are not really wider across the spine than a mioroshi. If you are having trouble fitting the knife between the side of the spine and the fillet because the knife is too tall (ie the height of the blade is close to the length of the fillet), you should probably be using a smaller deba for that job. That's why I still have 90, 120, 180, 240, and 270mm debas. But I guess technically that maguro mioroshi I got in Osaka is a 430mm mioroshi lol.
How do you like the 240 deba? I use a 180 and am seriously wanting a big 'un.
I like it, and 210-240 is a pretty common size used in Japan.