SOLD Light 248mmx55mm AEB-L Gyuto

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Feb 28, 2022
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Hello Everyone,

I have a nice AEB-L gyuto here that's a little on the light side and very thin. I'm not sure I would qualify this blade as a true laser, but it's very close, and if not, borderline. I sent a knife to one of our members some time ago who is very pleased with the performance of his blade, so I set about recreating the tapers of that blade with just a couple of alterations. The original knife was only 50mm tall, this blade is 55mm. Additionally it has a grind I'm experimenting with designed at improving food release on very thin blades. Whereas the inner blade face is tapered in a nearly straight line, the outer face has a more aggressive taper at the heel that becomes more gradual at halfway. It may only amount to a minor improvement in practice, but I'm trying to get what I can out of these thin blades.

This blade also includes a handle style I've never tried before, half octagon. Faceted on top, round on the bottom.

If all goes well this week I should have a new blade posted every day. Coming next are a couple of suji...and then something in MagnaCut.

Thanks for looking.

  • Blade: 248mmx55mm AEB-L (63hrc)-320 grit hand finish
  • Neck: 14mmx20mm
  • Handle: 118mm, tapering from 24.0mmx25.8mm to 18.6mmx21.0mm, burned oak, oiled and waxed. Half octagon.
  • POB: 60mm from handle
  • Spine: 2.63mm at the neck, 1.76mm at 13cm, .68mm 1cm from the tip
  • Grind: flat to convex RH bias
  • Weight: 157g
  • Edge: .1mm-0
Asking $190 U.S, shipped with insurance.




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