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SOLD Lumitop Anodized Flashlight w/ Tritium Tube

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Jul 12, 2011
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I am selling Lumitop Anodized Flashlight w/ Tritium Tube (yes, it's another obscure hobby thingie, I found)
This 1 is a rare beast. I think it was LE about 5-6 years ago and never told in the USA due to ban for retailers to sell trinium (don't quote me on this though)

This is the LE hard anodized version as well.It's small, takes 1 rc123 cells and designed for keychains...

Asking $100 in CONusa.

also looking to trade for shapton glass stones 2000 or 4000 stone or both..



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Fascinating. I've been a fan of this company since back in like idk, 2010 or something when I grabbed a light for the p226 at the local gun show. Forgot about them for a while but was upgrading some stuff and realized they sell like $30-$40 products that trounce my streamlights that cost 4x as much. At $30 or whatever the deal was, I went ahead and grabbed extras to gift out. I want to get one of their LEPs to show off come next July 4th.