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Jun 28, 2022
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Greenville Sc
Hello, I am Dan Eastland of Dogwood Custom Knives. I just found KKF and am excited to meet others that are passionate about Kitchen knives. I have been a full-time maker for about 12 years and have focused on Kitchen knives for about 10 of those years. I cooked before I learned to make knives and was amazed at how under-served the culinary industry was and decided to do something about that. I was fortunate enough to have access to quite a few chefs that agreed to field test my blades letting me speed up the R&D process as well as my education on how to properly use kitchen knives and what they actually are. My design principles start with the question 'what is the purpose of this tool?" I then try to remove anything that does not help that purpose and add things that will help. I make a lot of east-west hybrid knives I love eastern blade geometry but prefer the ergonomics of western handles so I try to blend the two and take advantage of modern materials and practices. Thank you for letting me join and look forward to learning more and becoming part of the community.