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SOLD Mario Ingoglia W2 Honyaki KS

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Mar 26, 2020
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Whidbey Island
Mario Ingoglia W2 Tool Steel Honyaki KS

This is a probably a dream knife for the right person; ghosts through onions. I am, unfortunately, not a fan of the KS profile. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it out though, and now want to pass this one along to someone who will use it. In the same fashion as the last owner, I cut a few onions for dinner and haven't used it since. Fit +Finish on this one is awesome.

Copy from original BST post:

"This is Mario's rendition of the KS and it is an awesome knife.
The original owner used it once to cut an onion. I have used it once on a tomato. The fit and finish on this knife is exceptional.
Specs are:
251 mm edge
50mm tall
220.5 grams. Comes with a 270mm Edro saya.
There is one small blemish near the spine otherwise the knife is like new!"

$460 SOLD.

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