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Dec 4, 2022
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Hey everyone!

With my birch and bevel Passaround coming to an end, I thought it would be fun to get another one started. A lot of people mentioned they LOVED the handle on the B&B and a lot of people liked Martin’s nakiri passaround a little while ago so I was thinking this would be neat for people who aren’t rectangle users (blasphemy, I know).

This is the photo from his site, I’ll update this post with current ones soon.


Rules -

- 10 ish people - prefer some post history but I'll use discretion as needed
- Insured shipping for $550
- Before & after pictures help keep track of condition
- keep it to about a week per person
- sharpen & strop as you’d like, but please try not to scratch it up too much.

Post your location and I’ll work on making an order. Expecting to ship this mid week next week.
Always interested in trying out new makers, but I've been in more than my fair share of PAs lately - only add me if I'm not taking someone else's spot. And thanks for putting on another one!