Martin Huber Gyuto Passaround

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2 knives passed around and 2 knives damaged.

It happens, if anyone feels confident straightening feel free.
I'll give it a wiggle on my bendy stick. It's a gradual consistent curve so should be fixable.

Current condition. Lovely patina. Haven't tested the edge yet.

Gonna be some rambling here. This is a fun knife. I love the look with the grind marks. I don't think the bend affects the performance at all. Develops a lovely blue and purple patina. A bit too heavy and blade forward for my liking, but I suspected that going in. I tend to prefer lasers. Handle was comfortable and easy to grip.

Edge needs sharpening but I mostly wanted to test geometry. It performed OK on carrots, with some wedging in the bigger pieces. When just using the tip it worked much better. Nice distal taper on it. I'd buy a lighter, thinner version of it for sure.


Shipping to Heckel on Friday.