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Jul 21, 2015
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Three knives for the price of two! More pre-move inventory cleaning on my part. All knives have been used to varying degrees. Asking $180, shipped CONUS.

-Sakai Kikumori hankotsu, carbon, lightly used and sharpened once or twice. (From CKC, I think).

-12in carbon bullnose slicer, approx circa 1900-1920. Got this from Bernal, handles are nice wood, but shrunken and slightly loose. Okay for occasional use, but would benefit from being rehandled. Blade has pitting from restoration work. Very nice cutter and easy to sharpen, I used this in the butcher shop and it outperformed a lot of newer (and dare I say junky) carbon and stainless stuff floating around.

-Tosa 240mm iron-clad, blue 2, sujihiki. This one is the freebie. Blade is in decent shape, semi-polished with stones. Edge could perhaps use a re-profile. The handle on this is a junk piece of osage orange, but I put it on just to give people something to hold on to if they were like me and really were to lazy to rehandle it. Would make a good gift for a budding cook or friend if you put a stock handle on it.


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