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SOLD Merion Forge Big Nakiri/Little Cleaver PRICE DROP $385

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Sep 23, 2021
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Brooklyn, NY
Sad to let this one go but I must.

I picked this up from @ethompson on BTS and it's a beauty. I used it for a few test cuts and then it sat in a drawer with a blade guard. It deserves better than being a drawer queen and I want someone to properly enjoy it. Falls through product (check that coil shot!)

I'll double check size tonight, but I'm taking much of this description from @DF18 's original post here: SOLD - Merion Forge and Lila Nordanskog

More photos and a nice video there. (Thanks @DF18 I hope you don't mind)!

About 175 x 75 and I weigh it at 324g (not 315g).

1.2562 core with wrought iron damascus cladding. Beautifully polished and rounded spine and choil.

Not stropped or sharpened.

Looking for what I paid - $385 incl CONUS shipping and PP fees.




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Some more details:

171mm (along the edge) x 75mm (heel)
68mm (far end)

4.35mm coming out of the handle (chunky!)
2.5mm halfway down
1.9mm at the far end

Still 324g, still falls through produce like it isn't there.

Got some DMs but no solid commitments yet.
Are these orange'ish spots we can see on a blade, rust? If yes, how deep are they or easy to remove with rust eraser?
I think so, very shallow. Easily removable and looks less obvious in person. Must've come from the blade guard in the drawer. I can take them off but I thought the new owner might prefer to do it.
@P.A.N - I’m actually not sure it is rust. It seems to have almost disappeared just from putting the blade guard on and off a couple of times.

Sorry! Not sure why you thought it sold. I have interest but no commitments yet.

I though I was asking what I paid, but I just checked my records and I paid $385, so let's lower the price to that.

$385 shipped CONUS incl PP.
Kick it back yourself, you got a great knife at less than I paid. 😂

But really, thanks @DF18, I appreciate it! Knife will go out UPS today with some extra goodies and insurance on me.