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SOLD Mikami Masayuki Blue 1 180mm santoku

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Aug 29, 2018
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Bought for $230 from Michael at Knife Japan

175mm edge length
52mm tall
154 g blade only
180 g blade and handle

4.7mm handle
3.6mm heel
2.2mm mid way
1.9mm when 10mm behind tip

Stickiest steel, and feels closest to good tamahagane of a kitchen knife I've used. Both in how it catches head hair and also how close to the skin it shaved when used like a razor. Blue 1 but feels like white 1 steel. Closest steels feel are shigefusa and heiji carbon, which makes sense. Strops up sharper and easier than both steels. Has the overground profile at the heel, and a very shallow low spot on the right side, 1/3 toward the tip. Choil I sanded. Handle isn't in good condition because I was reshaping it trying to figure out why the knife was so heavy. . . It was because of an extremely long tang. Small delam near heel on right side. Mid-weight grind, and pretty consistent from heel to tip, but slightly thicker at tip. Casual ish uchigumori fingerstones finished.

There's only one kitchen knife I've used that has better steel, and even then it doesn't have the unique stickiness like this does. There's one other maker who's mostly tied with this, though. And I prefer all to TF steels.

Knife maker is dead, and his son is a swordsmith, who is the blacksmith teacher of Shohichi Hashimoto.

I can maybe try taking it to a lower grit stone to take out the lower grit scratches that it came with

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