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WTS Mirror Finish Sakai Kikumori Tanaka Super Blue 300mm Yanagiba

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Jul 6, 2016
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I am selling a Sakai Kikumori super blue yanagiba made by Tanaka that I bought from Strataportland (Sakai Kikumori - Tanaka Limited Signed Series - Super Blue - 300mm Yanagiba - No Handle - Mirror Finish) about a year ago for $607, would like to sell it for $595 with free shipping within the USA. I originally bought this as a back-up yanagiba to my main user, but haven't ended up needing it. I had a burnt chestnut handle installed which I am including with the knife; the knife is otherwise BNIB. There are two areas of delamination on the back which I am told are a result of the low temps used during forging, but wanted to point these out to potential buyers (last picture below).

Price: $595
Cutting Length: ~290mm
Overall Length: ~455mm
Height at Heel: ~35mm
Weight:~224g/7.9 oz
Those black spots on the lamination line usually mean better steel to me, haha, and I try to purposely buy old knives that have that. . . Plus if you've ever seen a heat treated blank, the back delam line very much can have a huge gap still, before grinding gets to the well-laminated steel and iron.
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@refcast That's my understanding as well (lower forge temp avoids overheating the steels but results in a higher chance of partial lamination), but I know it can bother some people so wanted to let buyers know :)
Price Drop to $525 to hopefully get it moving to someone who can use it.
Last price drop to $495 with free shipping CONUS. Will leave it up through the weekend and will withdraw and see if I can work it into my work kit if there is no interest.