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SOLD Miura's Thicker Blue #1 Manaka Hamono 240mm Gyuto

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Jul 3, 2021
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Great knife, but I recently picked up a Sujihiki and I'd like to free up some funds for my upcoming globetrotting trip in May.

The "thicker" variant, to my knowledge, is only available from Miura and is an absolute beast with the following measurements.

Overall Length: 405mm
Blade Length: 240mm
Blade Height: 55.5mm
Blade Thickness: 5mm
Weight: 305g

This loves to go through anything you throw at it and the fit and finish is good. (I would describe it to be somewhat of a rustic Konosuke hybrid so to speak.)

I've used this for probably about 10 dinners or so and it hasn't yet needed to be stropped or sharpened.

I paid $613.80 with shipping into account.

Asking: $520 shipped firm CONUS.


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BOMP, adjusting price from $550 shipped CONUS to $540 shipped CONUS firm.
Anyone have experience with how this bad boy stacks up to the older style of super heavy iron clad wats? From browsing the forums it looks like it’s in the same weight class, but unlike those it can still be acquired 😅😭
This knife is still here!?! Whoever purchases this beast is going to be delighted.
I’ve owned one of these since they got released, purchased the taller version of this blade from BST last week to compare.
Let’s just say that the 100+g difference is a bonus. It’s like having the right hammer for the job. Sure you can whack away on a framing nail with an 8oz hammer, but having the right tool for the job comes in handy.