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SOLD Moritaka AS 165mm Nakiri

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May 20, 2019
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Victoria BC Canada

Back in the earlier days of my knife collecting I picked up this 165 Nakiri from Moritaka Hamono. I ran across it recently while I was doing some knife house cleaning and realized I had never used it. I think the only time it was out of its box was to take pictures and record dimensions. It’s obviously time to move it on to a more appreciative household. I’m asking $120 shipped and insured. Canadians can have it for a little less as I save a bit on shipping. If the knife sells a donation will be made to KKF.

It’s made from AS steel which at HRC 64-65 provides an extremely sharp edge which is easily maintained. It also offers a welded stainless steel tang which is a nice feature of Moritaka knives. San Mai construction, hammer forged soft iron cladding, octagonal Ho wood handle and karouchi finish.

Essential specs are …

Blade length … 179mm
Edge length … 165mm
Depth at heel … 50mm
Thickness measured at spine … 3.13 mm at heel, 1.66mm mid blade, 1.5mm 1” from tip
Weight … 134gms

Hera are a few more pics …


I believe that these knives are selling at C*TG for $170.


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That knife's a great performer. I love my 180 Moritaka AS. GLWS

One of the greatest 165mm nakiris ever made. I still miss mine.

I agree totally. I’m a bit of a nakiri fan and have a couple more that are real favourites in my daily users. It’s a shame that so many don’t seem to be nakiri fans. I priced this one so that perhaps one of the Nakiri skeptics will pick it up and be converted. It may be a “budget price” but it’s definitely not a budget knife.

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