SOLD MSicard Cutlery 180mm 52100 Nakiri Semi-Custom

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Feb 28, 2022
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Hello All,

I don't habitually make rectangles outside of customs, but this year I've made a couple that I'll be listing this month as I know ARM has a reasonable number of followers. The first is this nakiri. It's not light at 169g without the handle. I designed this blade to have some authority on board so I used slightly thicker than normal (for me) stock and paid special attention to the convexity of the blade faces to optimize food release. I'm offering this blade as a semi-custom so that means the future owner has creative freedom with the choice of handle, and yes I can send it to our very own @KasumiJLA to receive on of his excellent handles if that's your wish.


52100-nakiri-msicardcutlery-semicustom (3).jpg

52100-nakiri-msicardcutlery-semicustom (4).jpg

52100-nakiri-msicardcutlery-semicustom (2).jpg

Blade: 184mmx64mm 52100 (65hrc) 320 grit hand rubbed finish
Neck: 21mmx18mm
Handle: ???
POB: ???
Spine: 3.06mm at the neck, 2.6mm at halfway, 2.4mm 1cm from the tip
Grind: flat to convex RH bias
Weight: 169g
Relieved choil and spine
Edge: .15mm@1mm measured at the midpoint,

Asking $270 U.S + handle+ $25 shipping. As always, if this blade is purchased in conjunction with another I will happily deduct $25 off of the price of the other blade.

Also, if you'd like Julien to make the handle he's offering a 10% discount for people that come his way with my semi-customs

Thanks for looking!

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