My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

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Testsujin Santoku after a week of work :)
Yes, I bought it on BST a year ago. Gave it a new Migaki finish and then the patina exploded.
Same thing happened to a wrought I removed patina from and gave a new polish.
Guess some of these colours are deeply rooted.
Kagekiyo Blue#1 210 "Petty" knife

Starting over with new patina - got a little tipsy this weekend and decided to do a maintenance thin on the knife before I did my 4th sharpening (this one gets used a lot). Was starting to get a little thick BTE so went for a pink brick 220, synthetic aoto 600, Naniwa pro 1k to thin bte / raise the shinogi line a few mm and finished with a 400 -> 1k grit sandpaper to blend the hollow bevel... was too lazy to go for flitz. sharpened edge on a Ouka.

Not going to take kasumiJLA's job any time soon but pretty happy with the thinning and performs like new again. Patina from shrimp fried rice.