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SOLD Natural stone yard sale: pt 4 (Just natsuya $75 left)

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Dec 15, 2017
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Continuing to clean out the duplicates and extras from the hoard. At one point this year had a couple hundred pounds of J-Nat in my cabinet, thanks to everyone here significantly less now (much to the joy of my wife and my bank account). As always, feel free to PM me with questions or reasonable offers. One Natsuya left from this part as well. ($75 on this one) All prices include CONUS shipping. All photos taken under the harshest possible light.

  1. SPF Aizu (212+ x 70 x 15+), $135 $110 - Not perfectly flat, but flat enough to sharpen on. Very middle of the road Aizu that leaves a great base polish or toothy edge for general kitchen use. Firmly mounted in the wooden dai I bought it in.
  2. *SOLD* Unknown suita? (200x76x42), $200 - Unusual one. Got this from a vendor I've had great experiences with but something was lost in translation and this stone just wasn't the slot I was looking to fill. I'd say its about 4k grit. Very, very, very clean and layered as a suita, which I believe it is. Quick (slurry pic is from about 10 seconds with no nagura) and leaves a very uniform finish. Great edges somewhere between a finer classic suita and a typical Aizu-type mid-grit. Brings out great detail and contrast, but is just a hair too grit rich to leave a really, really smooth kasumi. Selling for <60% of what I paid...
  3. sumingashi / renge Suita (208x78x33), $300 $200 - This was an auction pick up. Definitely suita, based on smell, appearance, and performance it is almost uchigumori hat0 like IMO. It feels just a little chalky and creamy and leaves a very nice contrasty and smooth polish with some work. The line on the left can definitely be felt, but is very, very easily avoided. Tons of very clean stone here for use. The other lines are totally benign. Someone took a lot of time and effort to get this sealed with a twine wrapping, proper urushi, and a wooden dai. No one would do that for a mediocre stone. Only selling because I have stones that do the same work that I paid more for...


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The stupid bargain of pt 4... I've had this up for sale previously with lots of interest but no close. Lets change that.

4. *SOLD* Ohira Ao Renge Suita (195x72x33, stone), $690 - A rare and beautiful beast. This example is sealed in resin which makes it perfectly level and impossible (reasonably) to break. Very hard, reactive, and not crazy fine. It leaves a fantastic nervous mirror polish that has small scratches on very, very close inspection but looks incredible at normal viewing angles. The best edges of all stones in my experience. Extremely quick cutting speed as well - check out the swarf pic, that's maybe 20 seconds of use. I've got another example that performs the same but is flakey and chippy on the bottom and therefore lower quality, so I will keep that one.
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5. SPF Aisa / Suita combi stone (195x72x30), $300 $245 - one of the coolest pieces I have. One side is a not-pretty but good performing suita that cuts quick and leave a very nice polish. The other side is finer, a smidge harder, and can approach mirror levels on the core. You could definitely have this as a one and done combi-natural to use after a 4-6k+ synth. First polish pic is the suita side, others the Aisa nashiji side.


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Is the Ohira AO actually for sale? It's struck out and says sold
These are the last of the stones that aren't in my core rotation and I'd like to see them re-homed and am willing to take significant hits to do it. Let's see if these prices can get it done.
See the title, some silly price reductions for the remaining stones, no room in my cabinet for these and I’m ready to have the herd fully thinned and be done buying / selling for a bit (lol)

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