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I’m a Lakers fan but my boy AD is as fragile as my Kagekiyo gyuto. Hope he stays healthy because I’m pretty sure he’s itching for a rematch with the Joker. BTW, Celtics suck.
Curious to see what’s going to happen with the CP3 experiment. What I’m sure about is that he will get injured come play-off time.
I think he fits tbh, he'll help cut down the careless to's. But yes... injury is always the concern with him...

I also think part of the decision to trade for him, is to unlock jk and moody. If we kept poole, those guys will never develop
Quick survey: Would you rather be dunked on (aka posterized) or put on skates by a cross over plus a made basket?
The answer was obvious to me but pundits are saying that in the world of social media and memes, the latter choice is scarier.
Which one is more embarrassing?
I'd rather be dunked on. It's quick and easy, and you may get props for trying on defense instead of making a Business Decision. Also, that might not have even been your man; you could be bailing out a teammate that just got beaten with a crossover.

Being put on skates is enough to move out of town.
1. You fell for a fake
2. You lack athleticism to recover
3. The offender may stop to admire his work, THEN make a shot
Just for the sake of argument, imagine the Vince Carter Olympics dunk, Blake Griffin over Mozgov, DeAndre Jordan over Brandon Knight… those were pretty embarrassing. But as an old head who played guard, I’m glad these killer crossovers that these young kids are normalizing were not as common in the “old days.”😅
Getting crossed/dropped goes more viral too and that adds to the embarrassment

Yea the game has changed and I'm all for it. I'm not one of those "Back in my day..." guys. I grew up on mid 90's to early 2000's hoops, I bet youngsters these days look at that era the same way I used to look at 50's basketball footage 😭

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