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The thing is, Williams is TCW 3, Porzi just happens to be a better shooter. He needs to ask LeBron about his short term/long term load management. And PEDs.
Ya that Robert Williams thing is a bummer. I would not trust the Celtics medical staff after Isiah Thomas. I’m not a doctor but them telling timelord he couldn’t make it worse while playing thru whatever mcl thing he had during that finals run smells kinda fishy. (Not that he wasn’t injury prone in the first place tho)
Carry and travel are optional calls in the NBA. Following the footsteps of the 3 second call. It’s like the referees are embarrassed to call them.
In truth I don’t want to see quick 3 second whistles. But like 1/3 of giannis’s points and assists are ill-gotten. Just watched five mins of spurs bucks and I saw like three clear palming type carries and one charge. It feels like the league will eventually get better at adjudicating the block/charge but not sure when. It’s not as bad as watching harden and Trae young foul hunting a few years ago. But it’s still just silly, this dude is 7 ****ing ft tall - he doesn’t need the advantage of not having to follow the rules.
Just like 1/3 of Harden’s step-back 3’s are ill -gotten😂. If Tatum and Ingram can have good handles as tall as they are, Durant and Giannis should have no excuse to palm the ball as often as they do.

Ps. Welcome back Ja!
We need a trade for a scorer.
Ya probably - if we could exchange dlo for literally anyone I’d be stoked. Oh and also never play Jaxon Hayes ever. Oh and have Taurean prince hit an open three when we actually need it. Oh and go back in time and re-sign Dennis Schroeder instead of signing Gabe Vincent. Maybe a couple other things, we’d be good.
Jokic is having a delicious plate of KP right now, but it doesn’t seem to matter.
We’re just kinda trash, change the line ups etc. Doesn’t matter. Had to turn it off, got work to do. Can’t stand watching rui and reeves building a brick house.
I noticed when I started the Cowboys-Celtics comparison, the Nets started that 3rd quarter run. Maybe we should stop bashing Boston and accumulate some good karma. I mean just temporary of course.

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