Nenox C1 Cleaver -- Two Versions?

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Feb 28, 2011
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I'm trying to get some information on the now-discontinued Nenox C-1 cleaver. Using the rather amazing Internet tool called the Wayback Machine, I found the June 2006 ad below on the manufacturer's website. Unfortunately, I don't read Japanese. It appears that there were two versions of the C1 cleaver (as well as two of the less expensive C2). One sold for 54,000 yen, the other for 56,000 yen. Can anyone tell me what the difference was?

Also, some C1 cleavers I've seen have the little silver oval on the handle, others do not -- what does that signify?


Interestingl!! Are those different Steels? or just different handles? :what:
The one on the bottom is maybe something simlar to the g-type that they sell now. Of course I have no idea. I'd love to get my hands on one of those bad boys..
According to an old post quoting Koki, both the C1 and C2 were made from the same steel, which the manufacturer keeps secret. The only difference is the handle -- the C1 uses Quince Burl, the C2 Staminawood. Also, I've learned that there is a thin and a thick version of each, which explains the two prices shown for them (e.g, the C1 sold for 54000 Yen in the thin version, 56000 in the thick). The ad shows the differences in the thickness of the blade at both ends and the weight of each.

Here's a photo I found of the thin C1 (looks like it's from JCK) -- note the absence of the silver oval on the handle -- Koki tells me it was for the buyer's initials but was rarely used, and apparently the company dropped it:

seriously, you should get the FH cleaver. It's got to be the really close to the C1
seriously, you should get the FH cleaver. It's got to be the really close to the C1

I concur, they are essentially the same knife, but with a different handle. I do have to admit, the handle on the C1 looks a lot more badass. Although the FH is a seriously awesome knife. :headbang:
Apparently Hattori actually manufactured the Nenox C1 & C2 Cleavers, or at least that's what I infer from this e-mail response from Koki at JCK, which a user on another forum posted in August 2005:
Nenox Chinese cleaver C1 and C2 has same blade material. Since Nenox company keep secret about their blade material. We can only get information about its blade material below.

C1 and C2 has same material Nenox S1. Nenox special stainless steel which has HRC60 and have strong protection for the rust and good durability.

C2 handle material is Black Stamina wood. C1 has stainless part on bottom of its handle, but C2 does not have that stainless part.

Since Hattori company takes time to make and finish each products, their quality are all great. And if you can use the knife properly, it is very rare that knife get broken.

But when these thing will happen, please let us know. We are located in near from Hattori company and Hattori company can fix Nenox knife. (It might cost some, but knife will be perfect after Hattori company fixed.)

Nenox company does not carry Dupont Corian handle of Chinese Cleaver.

They carry C1 (Quince wood handle), and C2 (Black Stamina Wood handle)

C1 Thin Blade Chinese Cleaver Our price will be $486.00
C2 Thin Blade Chinese Cleaver Our price will be $385.00​
You could always rehandle a FH cleaver! They look nice with amboyna burl.