New Video! The Ultimate Ribeye

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Salty dog

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Mar 3, 2011
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Thanks Salty. Love your instructions. I just thought a great use for meat glue....Maybe not.
All that meat came from that one little dog!
Hah.... all I could think when you were slicing the tail was "BEEF BACON". Sure as hell looked like that was where you were going for a second...
Those Ribeyes look fantastic!! Great idea. Thanks for not having overpowering music in the background so I could hear you plainly!! :cool:

Love seeing that Devin knife work.

Thanks for the video!!
Great vid, as always! I'm posting this on the BBQ Brethren!!! Now I get to spend the day dreaming about trying this myself...
Great technique, looks wonderful!
Thanks for sharing Scott.

Perhaps a bit of seasoning before roll-up?