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May 29, 2022
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Osaka, Japan
Hi guys, I have suddenly found myself flying head first down the slippery slope of being fascinated by japanese knives.

To be honest I have always been interested but couldn't justify spending the coin on them along with the fact that I was just supposed to be travelling in Japan, not "stuck" here due to Corona virus. However lately I have found myself enjoying cooking a lot and I just so happen to live very close to Sakai in Osaka, Japan. So I paid the area a visit and ended up buying my first knife at a wholesaler. Loving using it and have played with getting a nice patina on it, happy with results so far.

So yeah I got the bug now and within the space of a couple of weeks now have a small collection going. I am interested in buying second hand knives with character and kinda refurbishing them and being in Japan gives me great access to that.

Here is my collection so far, along with my basic whetstones and DIY strop and leather sheath (both aren't completely finished) I made with the left overs from the strop. I guess if anyone is interested in what I have going on I'll be happy to talk/give more details!


With more knives coming my way shortly I am really looking forward to getting my sharpening and refurbishing skills up to scratch and hopefully maybe being able to make some kind of business passing on old gems to customers internationally... I obviously have so much to learn but that's the exciting part.

Let's see where this rabbit hole goes!

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