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Feb 28, 2011
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I'm starting to plan my next knife, a nikiri. My first question is do they have any distal taper? I have not had one in my hands and the pictures that I have seen seem to be parallel in thickness the length of the blade. I don't see any reason to taper the length of the blade. The stock that I will be working from is 3/32" thick and 1 1/2 " wide.
Thanks for any input!
After watching some Youtube vids I think I have my answer. No distal taper.
After watching some Youtube vids I think I have my answer. No distal taper.

most hand forged ones have distal taper... most stamped ones do not

Shigefusa has distal taper, as does takeda, moritaka, zakuri, etc.
Thanks Jon. I'm be grinding it I'll see how the balance feels.
My experience is that depending on how you use the knife, distal taper may or may not work for you. If you want a laser of a nakiri, without distal taper is better. If you want a more all around knife, distal taper is better
You probably want to start with some pretty thin stock, different thicknesses available depending what steel you choose and your source.
I have some 3/32 O1 in stock that I want to use. It may end up being a sort of shallow slicing cleaver sort of thing!
between the edge and the spine there's room for all sorts of variation, maybe some calipers to measure thickness as you grind might help know where you're at. Are you going for a flat grind, hollow grind, or what? Plenty of knifemakers here to help, the chef knife I have from Butch started with 3/32" stock, I believe.
I will be doing a flat grind. I'm using a ShopSmith 6X48 belt sander and draw-filing to do the shaping, not necessarily in that order!
This is the one that I'm working on now. As my foot is still not healed (broken 5th metatarsal) after 10 weeks, I'm not moving as fast on it as I could!

Interesting looking knife. Will it have a shinogi when finished? Does it have as much belly as it appears or is it distortion from the camera lens? I like the handle!
I intend to preserve the shinogi, and it does have more belly than I intended originally. As I will be using it to break down chickens I'm not sure if the belly will be good or bad. It won't be used against a board, I don't think.I can always grind it down later, I'm considering it part of the learning experience! The handle is maple burl with ebony on the front and african blackwood on the end, I'm thinking that it will look pretty cool when done (I hope!).