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Feb 28, 2011
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I see a radius on the front end of most nikiris to one extent or another, and I wonder what the purpose is. It seems to me that for a vegetable knife a pointy type tip would be more useful for a lot of veggie type operations. I see this on some usubas.
I always wondered this too... the only advantage I've found is when cutting onions, you can be sloppier and not worry about cutting through the bulb end.

I was under the impression it's a safety thing, or maybe more accurately, a scared-of-pointy-knives thing.
I guess it's just poor technique, but if I push cut with a flat-edged that has the tip, I frequently just get stuck with the tip or drive it into the board because I am not precise enough or don't hold the knife perfectly horizontally. Rounded tip - no problem. I also had Butch make me one that gets a bit narrower from heel to tip, so I can continue to be sloppy with my cutting. Not sure if that makes sense or expresses what I want to say...

Stefan, that's what I always assumed it was for, not to stick a tip into the board.
If that was the only reason, they could make it with a slight lift at the tip, just enough not to stick but still pointy...
My worry was that the rounded tip would inhibit the effective dicing of onions. Maybe not?
i make mine about 6 inch and only the last 1/2 inch or so is rounded up (less im asked for something different )
if you need a longer knife then that for onions im not sure what to tell you sept maybe a true cleaver is what you need (tho i whould have no problem makign a 10 inch long no bevel blade if thats what one was looking for )