D. Martell Off the Shelf Wa Handles by Stefan Kellar

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Dave Martell

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Feb 27, 2011
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Airville, PA
These are the first to arrive in stock and are all available except for #7.

Woods are ziricote and maple.



If you're interested please shoot me a PM or email.

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Measurements (Length x Ferrule x Butt)

#1 - 138mm x 22/27mm x 25/30mm

#2 - 153mm x 23/25mm x 23/25mm

#3 - 145mm x 23/25mm x 24/26mm

#4 - 138mm x 22/24mm x 24/27mm

#5 - 132mm x 22/24mm x 24/26mm

#6 - 130mm x 23/25mm x 24/26mm
Hi guys, I have a pile of these handles for Dave that I want to finish up in the next weeks. Most of them still need to b cut to length and sanded to size. The question is, what sizes would you be most interested in. We were thinking that 240 and 270 gyutos would probably be the most popular ones for rehandling, in addition to 270 and 300 yanagis - does that make sense? Do I overlook something. I just don't want to make 25 santoku handles for Dave that nobody needs :slaphead::EDance2:


P.S. Not sure what all these smilies mean, but I like them - MORE!
Depending on money I could definitely see myself re-handling a 240mm Konosuke gyuto and a 270mm Konosuke suji. :)
What is the rehandle fee, $100? I should know this by now :smack: