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SOLD Ohtaniyama Tomae Asagi (Final Reduction)

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Mar 25, 2017
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Jackson, MS
Hey yall, here's a hard stone for all you mirror polishers and razor sharpeners. San size so long and narrow. I've had multiple Ohtani's over the years and the others were brutally hard. This one, however, has a nice smooth user-friendly type hardness. I'll post comparison pics of using it without tomo and with tomo.

The stone is capable of mirror polish if works lightly and patiently. Kasumi is bright and there is still plenty of contrast. Edges are super keen and fine but with just enough tooth to make it practical for kitchen knife use, especially with nagura. It's hard, dense, and thick enough to last forever too!

Still stamped on the side. This stone will come with a tomo nagura and I have a few to choose from so I'll leave that up to the buyer so they choose.

I didn't purchase from Watanabe but I believe he has some info regarding Ohtaniyama so if you're new to the subject, you can read up over on his site. They're under the mirror finishing awasedo on his site.


Asking $250


Polish w just stone:

Polish w shobu tomo nagura
Yeah on Ryotas YouTube channel he uses one but otherwise I've only seen them used by Japanese barbers/carpenters. Not so well known but excellent hard stones for sure!