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WTS Pair of Mizuno 240mm blue #1 dami and blue #2 honyaki

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Aug 24, 2020
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On offer 240mm Mizuno honyaki dx blue #2 carbon steel custom handle is composite.(
Ebony body, Composite Stone ferrule, collar and endcap with Copper and black line spacers.)
This knife from was from miura knife originally (purchased from the best board here)
Has been used in a professional kitchen and has been touched up on stones. There is some minor scuffs from honing on stones.
Conus shipping only please.

Mizuno 240mm damascus series in blue #1
Also purchased from miura knives, used in professional kitchen. Ebony handle.

Conus shipping only please...

I would love to hang onto these but I'm in the process of purchasing my first house and I need some better furniture.

Thanks for considering!
Oh my … oh my …

As a lover of Mizuno’s work generally these two knives really get my pulse racing. I guess the good news is that I live in Canada … well out of the realm of CONUS. My bank account is safe.

Many thanks to the OP for limiting the territory to which he will sell these beauties. I guess the folks in Hawaii, possibly Alaska and the many territories of the USA are similarly fortunate. To say nothing of those very few knife lovers in Europe, Asia and Australia who might be Mizuno lovers as well.

Bid away you lucky CONUS folks.
All mizuno honyakis are said to be grinded by kawakita hamono.

But both of these are forged by Jun mizuno himself. While the other stuff from mizuno could be forged by anyone at mizuno tanrenjo.