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May 9, 2011
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I'm thinking I might want to add another petty by the end of the year. Currently my #1 favorite go to knife is my Nenohi Type G 150mm petty. I have not found it the easiest to sharpen with my limited skill set but with work I can get it amazingly sharp and it seems to hold an edge for a rather long time. It is an almost perfect knife at home but I have found that at work I might like it to be a tad longer when I'm cutting produce, sandwiches, etc. (golf club bar).

Soooo..... based on that info and since Nenohi doesn't seem to have a longer petty, any suggestions? The caveats are:
  • I don't think carbon would be a wise choice, so either stain resist or tool steel.
  • Definitely needs to be double sided, not single sided.
  • I do prefer a western handle but would not be opposed to a wa- handle.
  • I am thinking I want 180mm and am strongly leaning that way but I am open to being convinced on 210mm.


Check out some of Del's petty profiles.
i just got the suisin 210mm wa-petty a few months ago and love it. it came down to the ginga and the suisin and i went with the suisin for the reason that it will hold its edge a little bit longer compared to the ginga which jon said would get a little sharper.

because i dont mind sharpening often i normally go with sharper over edge retention but i really want to get in the habit of teaching myself how to make my edges stay sharp longer.

the F&F is fantastic and i am super glad i went with the suisin. the only gripe i would have is that the handle seems a little small (in size not length) which took just a little getting used to.

these are wa-handled and you said you would be open to some convincing. the reason i prefer wa handles is more evident with smaller knives. they allow you to use the entire handle and maneuver your hand as you need for the purpose of each needed knife motion.

i think you would be happy with either of these knives though :D
Thanks for those suggestions. No disrespect to Del, from whom I hope to order from someday, but his petty just doesn't move me. The Gesshin Ginga and the Suisin however had both caught my eye as possibilities, so it is good to get some confirmation on those choices. I was leaning heavily in the Ginga direction but after reading Jon's description of why he has partnered with Suisin I had to give that knife serious consideration. I still favor edge retention to sharpness so that is some useful info Mr. Snips on your decision making.

If your going to be using it to do a lot of tasks with slicing i recommend 210mm. Its so versatile.

I recently sold my 210mm gesshin ginga( i miss it already) , and i can recommend that knife immensely. I used it on veggies to splitting lobsters and it work great! Also very easy to sharpen, held an edge for a pretty long time and gets very sharp.
Both the Gesshin and the Suisin would be great knives, as long as you don't mind the thinness. I've really enjoyed my somewhat heftier 220 mm from Rottman. With regard to edge holding, I think the Gesshin should be tougher and the Suisin more wear resistant. So if you are doing mostly slicing, I agree that the Suisin will hold a useable edge longer. Otherwise, I'd go with the Gesshin, myself.