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SOLD PRICE DROP M390 230mm Gyuto for sale. Take a look??

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Sep 4, 2018
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Hello thanks for taking a look. I hope these pictures can do this knife justice We have seen and heard a lot of positive accolades about Paul Baleta /Austria. We asked him to make us a knive in M390 for a business I am associated with some upscale catering and processing. We basically wanted a utilitarian diversified all rounder. We ordered this knife with very aggressive distal taper. Extra blade height. Thin behind the edge.Parallel finish tip to heel. And that's what he delivered. Very nimble comfortable knife in the hand. Ergonomically the knife has presence cuts with authority. Very minimal food striction.What we like about M390 is the edge retention. Fit Finish top grade. Just a bit to much belly for our taste. Basically new condition no scratches!! We paid over and above for the extra distal taper hand blocked parallel finish. Great deal even better asking $425.00 NEW PRICE $350.00 shipped CONUS
Distal taper from the heel 2.2mm 1.5mm 1.0mm at the tip .06mm
Blade height at the heel 54.7mm
Blade tip to heel 230mm
Weight 239g
HRC 61/ 62 in the sweet spot
Handle 140mm as best described medium large
Finger lay / notch


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Very sorry the coil picture is very dissapointing. But very thin behind the edge.

Try retaking it with a different background? Looks like your camera focused on the dark text in the background instead of the knife. I have success taking choil shots against an all-white background for this reason. GLWS!