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SOLD Price Drop : Meijiro Mikawa Nagura stones

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Aug 13, 2016
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Listed are a couple of Meijiro larger stones. I will cover Continental USA shipping on these stones.

Both are sealed with lacquer, have one flat face as noted.

SOLD 1) Meijiro Tamago Mikawa Nagura, 200 x 75 x 50mm, 1630 gm, asking $600 $450 $400 including Continental USA shipping. SOLD

I purchased this stone in 2016 from a gentleman who got it while he was visiting Kyoto. It does not have any remaining stamps.

Large block of very clean Meijiro, on the harder side, but very fine grained. I raise a slurry with another meijiro and it cuts fast, as noted in the picture of the drying slurry. It leaves a polish like most Koma do.

Nice big brick to do final sharpening and polishing.

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Sold 2) Meijiro Koppa, 580 grams, asking $225, $200 $150 $100 buyer pays shipping

The dimensions of the Mejiro are:

Largest dimensions: 155 x 57 x 41mm

Honing surface : long side 150mm short side 110mm width 52mm, so 2 inches wide by 4 to 6 inches long.

This is a stamped Mikawa which has performed nicely, fine grain, not too gritty, good polish.

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Price drop:

1) Meijiro Tamago Mikawa Nagura price adjusted to $450

2) Meijiro Koppa, 580 grams price adjusted to $200
Bench mejiro still available? If so PM me thanks.
Price Reduced

2) Meijiro Koppa, 580 grams, asking $225, $200 $180 including Continental USA shipping
Price Adjusted:

2) Meijiro Koppa, 580 grams, asking $225, $200 $150, buyer pays shipping
Price dropped 7/23/22

2) Meijiro Koppa, 580 grams, asking $225, $200 $150 $100 buyer pays shipping