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WTS (Price Dropped) Assorted Jnats and Nagura (Natsuya,Aoto,Uchigumori,Asagi,Aiiwatani,Akapin)

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Dec 3, 2020
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Hi all,

Here are some stones and assorted bits and pieces I'm looking to pass on. All the test polish pics are on a watetsu kiridashi so you if/how well the stones bring out detail in the cladding. For the nakato, the kiridashi polish was reset to a 1k synthetic finish before the polish test and for the finishers a 3k synthetic finish before testing. Please excuse the coarse scratches near the heel - I haven't had enough time recently to properly finish the bevel to make an even stone finish.

If there are stray scratches from inclusions on the stone you'll be able to see them on the cladding or the upper part of the core steel.

Items ship from Australia, I'll cover firsts $15 USD of shipping, or will ship within Australia for free (within reason, e.g not if a single item for $20 is purchased) . Happy to discuss pricing on anyone wanting to purchase multiple items. If you have any inquiries let me know and I'll be happy to try and help out :D



#1 Aiiwatani Koppa (expoxied base) 155 x 75 x 24mm (13mm of stone at it's thickest part) 450g $50 USD $40 USD

  • Has one line, but I haven't found it to be scratchy at all, if you're worried it'd be super easy to dig out. It's not exactly soft, but not hard either. Finer than you'd expect for the hardness of the stone and easy to use.


#2 Asagi 207 x 54 x 30mm 783g (including epoxied base) $70 USD SOLD

  • A pretty hard stone, the upper limit of what I'd use for knives. Would make a great razor stone, but also gives a very, very refined edge on knives. It's super fine and leaves a very reflective finish, but doesn't feel glassy like some superfine stones are. It is a bit harder to use - as you can see in my video it's exposed some unblended facets on the surface of the kiridashi.


#3 Mizukihara Uchigumori Jito 192 x 71 x 19mm 670g $250 USD SOLD

  • This uchigumori is a slightly harder variant, there are some su present and a line, but neither are scratchy as I've already lapped through a layer of scratchy particles to get rid of them - in my test polish I used the entire surface of the stone. A lot of beautiful renge peeking through, and a pink slurry when lapped. It's fairly fine, enough for the cladding to become reflective and is a decent burnisher for bringing out details in the clad.


#4 Aoto 210 x 60 x 62mm 1900g $150 $120 USD

  • Typical softer variety of Tanba Aoto, there are some suji on the surface but none of them can be felt or are scratchy.


#5 Natsuya 210mm x 82mm x 67mm 2600g $250 $200 USD

  • Harder variant of natsuya - the cutting power isn't as strong and is greatly enhanced by using some atoma slurry. Gives a very even typical nakato scratch pattern and has a very pleasing golden hue. It's a monster burnisher - in the video you can see how much detail it's brought out in the watetsu cladding.


#6 Shohonyama Akapin 150 x 88 38 1170g $200 $175 USD

  • A super clean stone - one tiny (non-scratchy) line that runs across the top near the edge. A softer variety of akapin. It's definitely not as fine as the others but much easier to use, it's fairly soft and leaves a very even finish easily.




#1 JNS Ohira Renge Suita Nagura 360g $50 USD SOLD

#2 JNS Ohira Renge Suita Nagura 210g $40 USD SOLD

#3 JNS Atagoyama Akapin(?) 425g $25 USD

#4 Asano-Graded Mikawa Nagura Koma 297g $125 USD SOLD

#5 Mikawa Chu Nagura $100 USD SOLD

#6 Asano-Graded Mikawa Nagura Botan 185g $50 USD SOLD

#7 Asano-Graded Mikawa Nagura Ban 235g $50 USD SOLD

#8 JNS Tenjyou & Mejiro Nagura (90g each) $45 USD SOLD

Edit: I'm an idiot and forgot to post photos of the stones

Edit 2: Asagi SOLD

Edit 3: Nagura2 #4-8, and aiiwatani koppa SPF

Edit 4: Aiiwatani available, Mizukihara, Natsuya, Ohira Nagura #2 SPF

Edit 5: Natsuya available

Edit 6: Price Drops
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Videos for polishes are attached in this post!


  • Asagi.mp4
    3.4 MB
  • Mizuki.mp4
    3.9 MB
  • Natsuya.mp4
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  • Aiiwatani.mp4
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  • Akapin.mp4
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  • Aoto.mp4
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Tanba Aoto, Aiiwatani, Natsuya, Honyama Akapin and the JNS akapin still available - everything else has been sold. Thanks KKF!
Also willing to sell the remaining stones as a bundle - originally asking $675usd for all but happy to sell for $550USD including shipping!
Bump - Price drops on individual items, also dropping the price on the bundle deal to $500 USD shipped internationally!