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WTS Price Drops: Xerxes, Takeda, Kurosakis (Yu & Makoto), Hitohira

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Dec 17, 2012
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Maryland (DC suburbs)
Prices below include insured shipping in the U.S. and PayPal G&S fees:

Makoto (Kurosaki) Ryusei VG7 240 Gyuto, original handle, was $200, then $185, then $175, then $165, NOW $150

BNIB, never used. Bought for $250 at NOLA, wish I'd waited since it just restocked at To Go for $210. Selling at a loss, would prefer to combine with another knife for sale, but open to selling by itself if someone is interested. The profile has a bit more curve than I'd like, and I was hoping/expecting it to be a bit closer to 230 than 240
Heel to tip x heel height: 237 x 51
Weight: 179g

SOLD: Takeda NAS "Small" Gyuto, Aogami Super steel, stainless cladding, stock handle, asking $375, now $350
It had been a while since I had tried a Takeda, was waiting for them to come back in stock (I believe he's had some health issues over the past couple years and production has been up and down). Used for about 5 minutes total. Decided it's just a little thin and flexy for me, and I prefer knives with a bigger neck area that's a better match for my grip. Paid $425 for it new, comes in original box.
Heel to tip x heel height: 218.5 x 64
Weight: 139g

SOLD! Xerxes Primus II, SC125 steel, bog oak handle (which has some texture for grip), asking $800
Acquired recently in a trade. I never actually used it, have others in this size range that are keepers for me, so letting this one go. Seems that had light use by previous owner. Comes with custom diaper-box cardboard saya (sorry, no pin).
Heel to tip x heel height: 230x50
Weight: 195g

SOLD: Yu Kurosaki Saenko 240 Gyuto, R2/SG2 steel, original handle. BNIB, never used, asking $275, now $260
Bought this in Tokyo before I left. Thought I needed a Kurosaki in my collection, but this is just a bit too long for my comfort, so I'm letting it go.
Heel to tip x heel height: 247 x 56
Weight: 179g

SOLD: Hitohira Kikuchiyo Ren 240 Gyuto, White #2 steel, ho/horn handle, asking $150, now $140
Was looking to include some more budget-friendly knives in my collection, but just have too many knives I love that are keepers. Bought this one on BST here, I've never used it. Did some light sanding to reduce the stain on the handle. The stain was a minor issue when received, I think it's now better, but not totally gone.
Heel to tip x heel height: 233 x 50
Weight: 200g
Purchased on this thread: SOLD - $150 Hitohira kikuchiyo Ren Shiro 2 gyuto

SOLD - $150 Hitohira kikuchiyo Ren Shiro 2 gyuto​

This is a hot new line sharpened by morihiro’s grandson under his direction. And it really shows look at that ch...

Stay tuned for pics, coming shortly!
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One of the most comfortable, if not the most comfortable, handle designs on that Primus.