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Mar 4, 2021
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Indianapolis, USA
Hi All,

I think it's about time I jumped on the Denka train. Planning to order direct and wondered if anyone can give insight before I send him a message.

I have in mind a 210 Denka with wa handle and finger notch. I don't really want either the standard ho or upgraded ebony handles he offers. Would it be worthwhile asking if I can send him a handle to install? Or better to order it without handle and have it installed later (and ask him to send a sticker to put on the handle)? Or just with the standard handle and remove/replace it?

Is there any specific requests that would help avoid extreme wabi sabi? I'd prefer something on the thinner side. Do I just tell him I would like it as thin behind the edge as possible? With a high shinogi?

Anything else to consider when communicating with him?

thanks for any insight.
As with everything direct from TF, ask to see photos of your requested knife and approve that it looks to your satisfaction before it’s shipped to you.